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During the month of June, we are proud to support the BLM movement and donate 20% of our profits to the following causes:

These organisations support and empower black communities while also tackling systemic inequality.

@Theblackcurriculum campaigns for the mandatory inclusion of black history across the national curriculum in the U.K. They deliver history programmes, teacher training and campaign through mobilising young people to facilitate social change.

@_voyageyouth_ and supporting organisation, work to help hundreds of young BAME people who are deemed at risk, excluded or with no avenues of support. They work in 5 of London's most deprived boroughs.

Exist Loudly, a programmed developed by @TanyaCompas to support queer young black people. The programme will provide mentoring, workshops and digital support.
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NHS Bands

Everywhere in the world has been impacted by Covid19 in some way. We immediately put a plan in place to do something to help. Having seen our NHS workers having to wear PPE on a daily basis, we quickly learnt that our bands might be useful and provide a little additional comfort for a lot of these workers. We put our factory to task and developed a band with buttons on each side to support the wearing of face masks.

We are donating 2000 of these bands immediately direct to NHS workers. For every other Kazband that we sell, we are donating a further band to help anyone in the NHS or care sector and make the wearing of their PPE masks a little more comfortable.

The NHS bands are on sale to the general public, but we are holding the vast majority of these for NHS staff or Care Workers.